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Made in the USA with premium materials
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"Zebra Stripes" <br><b>Elite-478</b><br>&nbsp;Luggage Tag "Snow Leopard" <br><b>Elite-494</b><br>&nbsp;Luggage Tag "Girl with a Mirror" <br><b>Elite-495</b><br>&nbsp;Luggage Tag
"Zebra Stripes" <br><b>Sammy-478</b><br>&nbsp;Card Holder "Snow Leopard" <br><b>Sammy-494</b><br>&nbsp;Card Holder "Girl with a Mirror" <br><b>Sammy-495</b><br>&nbsp;Card Holder
"Starry Night" <br><b>Sammy-505</b><br>&nbsp;Card Holder "Zebra Stripes" <br><b>Passat-478</b><br>&nbsp;Passport Cover "Snow Leopard" <br><b>Passat-494</b><br>&nbsp;Passport Cover
"Girl with a Mirror" <br><b>Passat-495</b><br>&nbsp;Passport Cover "Zebra Stripes" <br><b>Coaster-478</b><br>&nbsp;Set of four coasters "Snow Leopard" <br><b>Coaster-494</b><br>&nbsp;Set of four coasters
"Girl with a Mirror" <br><b>Coaster-495</b><br>&nbsp;Set of four coasters "Starry Night" <br><b>Coaster-505</b><br>&nbsp;Set of four coasters "Zebra Stripes" <br><b>Goody-478</b><br>&nbsp;Coin Pouch
Built with Volusion