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Joan-2 Pump w/ Solid Cap Toe in "Sakura" by Keith Mallett "Charging Horses" Medium Heel Wedge Slide by Jim Zuckerman "Night" Sneakers by Joan Miro
Sneakers - Sz 5

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"Night" Golf Shoe by Joan Miro Jolie-447 Golf and Walking Shoe in "Pool Boy" by Nelson Del La Nuez
"Japanese Screen" LOLLY-464-Size-7 Oxford Heel-7
"Odalisque" <br> &nbsp; Smoking Slipper "Odalisque" <br> &nbsp; Oxford Heel
Edna-460 Pointed Smoking Slipper in "Ancestors" by Antoine Caron Edna-461 Pointed Smoking Slipper in "Predator" by Robin Palanker Elena-461 Pointed High Heel in "Predator" by Robin Palanker
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